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Welcome to t.c.b.s. (tea club and barrovian society) a writing group. While a private community, t.c.b.s. does accept members for consideration. You may email me, or comment on this page and I will send some information& questions. However the dynamic within the group is very important to all of us, and so we consider admittance very seriously. If we decline, it isn’t because we don’t like you, but because we feel there is currently no room, and nothing would be gained for you or us, if we let someone in.

   Every Monday I will post a prompt which must be answered by thursday, you might get some lee way if I don't check till friday mid-day or if I post an extension because someone emailed me. I will consider circumstances, and pleading, and maybe even bribes...(eyebrows wiggle). If someone wants to do the prompts for a few weeks etc, I will let them. Most of my prompts will come from books I have, or ideas I've had in the past.

t.c.b.s. also follows a few rules, which are in our user info.


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