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tea club and barrovian society

Tea Club and Barrovian Society
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t.c.b.s. is a community for writers to work with other writers and try to fix their problems. In order to be a member of t.c.b.s. users must:
1) post once a week, by thursday
2) offer critique to one entry a week
4) learn lj-cuts (I will teach/help/yell at)
you only ever get what you give, t.c.b.s. opperates on a three strikes policy, which will even apply to **me**. If users feel as though they have been hurt by any comment, they may complain, and I will try to act as a judge, or at least a comforting ear. Sometimes writers don't mean everything they write! Comment at the public entry, or at my personal journal, if you wish to join. t.c.b.s. however is a private community, and not everyone who emails will be allowed in. Understand that writing is a sensitive thing.
with care,