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Soren and Ebsen

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Alright there is a reason I don't write romance, but Aya's speach about becoming a stronger writter and everything...So I gave it a go. Here are Ebsen Bones and Soren de Witte on Christmas Eve

Soren de Witte was sitting in the window, reading. He was wearing the thick scarf he’d stolen from Ebsen two weeks ago. It was yellow and black and it smelled like Ebsen; in other words it smelled like clean. Soren knew some people who smelled of lemon, or rosemary. But Ebsen Bones just smelled clean, like really clean soap. Like a gigantic bar of immaculate soap. All the other Ravenclaws had their own scarves in house colors. Soren didn’t own a scarf because according to his father de Wittes didn’t get cold. So he sat there wearing a Ebsen’s Hufflepuff scarf and inhaling its soapy, Ebsen Bones, clean smell.

            Soren waited, glancing every minute or so at the clock on the mantle, it was a little mechanical eaglet that used to chirp the hour in a squeaky voice. One year during exams and it had bothered Soren so much he’d hexed it. Now it no longer sang, instead the eaglet beat its little jeweled wings. Soren was impatiently waiting for it to signal midnight. It was Christmas Eve. He was not waiting for a present, not precisely a present, something else.

            The de Wittes celebrated Christmas, instead of gifts they gave oaths. Sometimes the oaths were disguised as gifts. It was the one day they broke them as well.  Soren was going to break his oath. He’d tried explaining the process to Ebsen last year, but the other boy had refused to understand. And in a way Soren was grateful because as he’d explained it he’d realized what ridiculous ceremonies his father kept. And how badly he kept them.

            He was supposed to give Soren a gift of power, something that would weaken him if his son betrayed him. It was true that Jesper de Witte sent his son powerful gifts, but they were not important ones, there was nothing personal about them. It made the betrayal less in a way, the bond that was being shattered was a weak one. Jesper’s father had once given his son a lock of his hair, an another year a piece of his bone. But Jesper would never send these things, he never thought of trusting Soren with them. There were two choices in front of him as midnight came closer and closer. He could send the gifts back and his father would never guess that Soren knew the truth. They would settle back into a façade of trust and companionship, one day they both might believe it. Or Soren could reveal his information.   

            If he accepted the gift he would give it to someone else, and pick a new alligence. If he simply sent the gift back it was a signal that he trusted his father, and that he would let him do anything, pull him out of school and more then once in de Witte history, even kill him.

   Soren did not ever want to trust his father with his life. They’d spent the entire summer talking and Soren had been shocked to find how much they disagreed on things. Elementary things like proper wand cores, the thirteenth zodiac, the best way to prepare alihotsy leaves. And more complicated things as well, the role of a government, politics, werewolves.  

            Then the sending arrived, it brought the gifts with it. The sending was in the shape of an eagle, fashioned from holy leaves with berries for the eyes. Once in the room it no longer bothered flying, it simply hung there, remembering to beat its wings every now and then. It examined him with its red berry eyes. Very slowly it unclenched its talons and dropped something on the carpet.

            It was a ring set with two rubies. Soren knelt down, he knew he couldn’t pick them up, instead he levitated them with his wand and walked out of the room. As he left the eagle disintegrated leaving sticks and leaves on his carpet. The other Ravenclaws would complain but he didn’t feel like cleaning it up now. Besides his wand was occupied keeping the ring floating.     

            The Ravenclaw common room was large and rectangular, its other main feature was that it was cold. Some of the upper level students had placed heating charms all over but it didn’t matter, the room was freezing. He hurried out of the room and quickly cast his own heating charm. It was pointless to heat the whole room the wards simply ate the spell. The wards didn’t care if you cast spells on yourself though.

           Leaving the common room he headed to the library. Ebsen was probably in the library. Soren hopped he was in the library, he didn’t have any clue where the Hufflepuff common room was, or what the pass word was.

            As he walked he examined the ring a little. It was an old de Witte treasure, his father would hate to loose it, which counted for something. He had an idea of what it was, but he wasn’t sure. He would have to wait to be sure.

              Ebsen was sitting in the library, still reading as little lights danced around his books illuminating the page. Ebsen was taller then Soren, considerably taller close to a foot on days Soren was feeling depressed. He was so tall he seemed to fold himself into the library chair. He looked up suddenly when Soren walked down the right row. Then he waited because Ebsen didn’t believe in babbling after ten o’clock.

Soren sat down across from him. “Ebsen, I have a present for you.”

            Ebsen narrowed his eyes. “What?” his voice seemed very suspicious.

            “Hold out your hand.”

            Ebsen blinked and started to say something, instead he freed an ink stained hand from the books and held it out carefully. “It better not be anything nasty Soren. I’m trusting you.” There was a note in his voice that said he was going against his better judgment. Soren thought that was cruel, he’d only ever tricked Ebsen once in the six years they’d known each other.

            Soren quickly called the ring from behind the corner. He gingerly picked it out of the air and slipped it onto Ebsen’s finger. It was very hot to the touch. The minute it touched Ebsen’s skin it cooled down. Ebsen was watching silently.

            Soren let go of Ebsen’s hand. Ebsen pulled his hand back stood up to better examine the ring in the moonlight, without thinking Soren followed him. The ring had resized itself already so it would fit Ebsen’s finger, it gave a little audible sigh, rather like a dog, and then it gave off two puffs of red smoke. Ebsen frowned and watched as a thin line of blood formed around his wrist. It disappeared a moment later, and the gems turned black. Ebsen raised a brow, he knew what this was now and he was impressed. So was Soren.

            Ebsen looked at Soren for a minute.  “All I got you was a scarf.”

            Soren shrugged. “I need one.”

            “Right, and I needed curse ring” he looked around the library. “I mean the Dark Lord is personally out to get me.”


            “He might be, and either way it would be really useful, every curse they cast will bounce off of you, people will be amazed.”

            “It only works for a year.”

            Soren shrugged. This ring actually worked for two, that was why there were two stones. That was supposed to be impossible, but impossible was what the de Wittes were good at. “Save it for a really bad year.”

            Ebsen nodded slowly. Then he cautiously leaned in and then down to kiss Soren. Soren was amazed, he’d once thought that kissing Ebsen Bones would be like eating a bar of soap. Soren had eaten soap once as a child he remembered it perfectly, he could state with complete surety that this was much more pleasant. A minute later Ebsen pulled back, his eyes were smiling.

            Soren did not have the talent of smiling eyes, or hair that reshaped to fit his emotion, or smelling perfect. In fact unless he was quoting Soren wasn’t even good with words, he could memorize speeches, and his written papers were fine. But when it came time to saying things everything got confused. So Soren skipped words and got up on his toes so he could kiss the incredibility tall, perfectly scented Ebsen Bones.

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On December 10th, 2006 05:12 pm (UTC), third_declining commented:
like, omg! Katy wrote slash! ;), you're trying to distract me from your typos & sloppy transitional phrases with slash and you know it works!
very good description, uh I still don't quite understand what a year stone is exactly & some of the phrases were...bulky? But some words were very good,and the character detail was nice without ***drowning*** us withing Soren's head

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On December 10th, 2006 07:34 pm (UTC), kidskin commented:
Alright, I fixed somethings, should be more clear now
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On December 10th, 2006 10:10 pm (UTC), mia_marlow commented:
As much as I feel like being angry over the comments I recevied, I'm not going to take it out on you. I'll just take it out on our tyrant instead. But to the point, I liked the story. I liked the flow though I didn't exactly understand what Soren's with his father is, was, would be.
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On December 11th, 2006 12:01 am (UTC), third_declining replied:
didn't exactly understand what Soren's with his father is, was, would be

scratches head...
add a direct object
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