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Put Silk on a Goat...

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Its my understanding that our great leader would appreciate it if we trusted T. C. B. S. with things not the weekly prompt (I know, how ingenious, post things you've written in your writing community). So I am bravely posting something and we'll see how it goes. It should be funny- Tollers (Edit I think I fixed the cut)

The goat cried to the merry stars one dark October night

‘oh my loves, upon my soul I see a lovely sight!

I’d leave my house,  be called a louse- to gaze forever at thee'

He stood and lost his heart in the shade of the poplar trees

A goats ears are vain and long,

he thought he heard a ‘yes’ in some ancient star song


For his potion, he chose some oak leaves

Laughing, he became a god, or so he perceived

He lay back and chortled at his luck

The world seemed too perfect a place to ever run amuck

He touched not a single fruit, nor blade of grass, nor sheaf of wheat

He scorned them all, what need have a godly goat of all these human meats?

Yet even Zeus did on occasion sup, on ambrosia sweet and fine

The goat he scorned them all, even the godliest of wines


He died a thin poor wretch, a fool with his eyes upon the stars

Frail legs  the bony victim of hunger’s scars

Oak roots dug deep 'round his corpse, his shroud a proud and ancient tree

 The stars were gone dead two thousand years before if only he’d known his astronomy

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On October 8th, 2006 02:59 pm (UTC), mia_marlow commented:
Oh My God...
This is exactly what I wish that the Demo poems would go back to. I loved the imagery and the flow of the poem and if you're goal was to be funny, it was but not in an overt, irritating manner. You even managed to continue a rhyme scheme through out the entire poem without it getting to the point of an annoying one. *hugs the poem*
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On October 8th, 2006 08:07 pm (UTC), third_declining commented:
anything a goat does is funny.
anything a katy does is funny.
so shouldn't they cancel out? luckily they don't. I love this cute little thing, I can picture the goat, the kind that tries to chew magnolia leaves- or the ones that use to escape from the fence?

you remember?

thanks for posting, I was going to put something up too, but now I want everone clearly focused on the new prompt!
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