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I know, I know. Yell at me all you want later. But I did do this prompt. And it's in. On time even. SO THERE!

"Which do you like better?" Morgan was being her straight-forward self again. It was odd to see the two girls together. An unlikely pair they made, Morgan working full force for the invaders against Katano’s team and Mitzuki wanting nothing to do with invasion on the whole. "You will have to make a choice at some point, Mitzuki. You can’t very well take the three of them to the Prom. None of them are going to like the idea of having to share you."

"Why can’t I just go by myself? And why do you care so much about who I go with?" Mitzuki had always wondered about Morgan’s odd fascination with her. It couldn’t have anything to do with her powers. Or at least, she didn’t think so. She remembered that Kaskita had informed her that those powers were only known by Katano’s squad and the two of them. "Jason maybe," she replied after a long pause, "He would be least likely to refuse me. And besides, he’s probably the only one who can dance."

"You just like him because he reminds you of 613. You are so shallow." The way she said it reminded her of 969. It sent shivers up her spine. "That’s just another thing to like about you though. People are dull and boring without faults."

She rolled her eyes. "Morgan, with friends like you, who needs enemies. I don’t know whether that was a compliment or an insult. Who are you going with to Senior Prom?"

Morgan grinned at her. "Nero. Assuming that he’s still willing to go that is. He kind of has to. If he wants to keep up the front that he has going. Why he thinks that we have to be boyfriend and girlfriend to allow for more time to plan out the invasion, I don’t know."

The October winds stirred around them as the harvest moon rose, full in it’s dark sky. In a way the entire scene reminded Mitzuki of Salem. Her heart lurched and she drew back from Morgan. "I shouldn’t have told Salem. I should have seen that look on her face before I even opened my mouth but all I could do was think about myself." It was a week after their last talk but the conversation picked up right where it left off. "Jason said yes. I was so happy that I had to go and open my mouth and drench Salem in my moment of overflowing happiness and now she hates me."

Morgan drew closer. The weather was only getting colder and she hadn’t been thinking when she got dressed that morning. "Salem would have found out anyway. Do you think that she wanted to go to the Prom and see you with him? Without you having already told her? She’ll get over it. It wasn’t as though the events leading up to the event weren’t right in front of her face the entire time."

"Still," and now all she could think about was what Kyo would say to her when she told him. "I…I shouldn’t have done this. All I’m going to do is to end up hurting everyone and I’m too selfish to notice it."

"666 will get over it. He’s had worse done to him before. Much worse. He’ll forgive you." 969 stepped out of the shadows to stand beside Mitzuki.

"Neko? What are you doing out here?" Mitzuki asked, turning to the newest member of the chat.

He flushed, looking away. She reminded him too much of the old 666 when she did that. "Jason asked me to check up on you. Besides, can’t I go for a walk?"

Morgan waved him off, "You breathe and everyone gets suspicious. You’ve forgotten that, haven’t you?"

"No, I remember. I’ve earned that mistrust. I’ll tell 666 for you, Mitzuki. It would be best if he heard it out of my mouth for both our sake’s."

That was the odd thing about 969. While she felt like shivering around him out of fear, she found that she always seemed able to trust him. Unlike most people that she knew. "Thank you, Neko. I just hope that he doesn’t hate me for this."

Neko shook his head, taking in the pair. To him, they looked like the old version of he and 666, holding hands and trusting the other enough to invade their personal space. He turned his back on them and over his shoulder he replied, "He has someone much more deserving of the blame to blame."

And now I go to sleep...
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On October 2nd, 2006 10:28 pm (UTC), kidskin commented:
First impression confused. Second impression, interesting. Third impression huh???? Fourth impression 666????? I'm in my stages of confusion. Refering to people as numbers is going a little Battle Star on me and its blurring my judgment so just hang in their with me. I like people being confused about motives and people thinking about what they say (if only people actually thought about what they said). Side note, is it Nero or Neko? I would date a guy named Nero just to say I had. This is a good prompt as far as the character's minds go and I would say the lines match eachother 90% of the time. The levity of the prom compared to an invasion? That sends me into two different thought processes and trying to understand the story when its split like that is a piece of work. Tollers
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On October 5th, 2006 09:24 pm (UTC), third_declining commented:
+++ I am curious
--- I am dreadfully confused.

If I were going to suggest something to you it would be that you try to make too much fit into too little space. It's a bit like bookshelves, when you put too many books on them you can't see your favorite ones.

If you must insist on lots of stuff, remember to intorduce and explain characters. Your characters are appealing, they make us interested, but if we can't follow that nice thread because it bend under the weave, we normaly don't find it at the end. ;)
see you.
good job!!!
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